Generic VS Name Brand (This isn’t bullshit, I swear)

So, I have no life. Because I have no life, I spend a lot of time thinking about things that aren’t that important.


(Aren’t you lucky?)


Today’s Installment: Generic VS Name Brand 


I am a frugal person by nature– I like really nice things, but I have a really hard time justifying paying full-price for any of them. I just got back into couponing because I can’t be bothered to pay full-price for butter and bread. I’m like that.


I also always buy generic or mega-cheap name brand products because they’re all the same, right?




There are just some products I don’t screw around with– annnnd here they are:


Bounty Paper Towels: I have NEVER found a better paper towel (and yes, I’ve tried Kirkland. I am addicted to Costco). They are also the #1 Paper Towel used in tattoo studios because they produce the least amount of dust.


Dawn Dishsoap (Original Blue): This stuff, you guys– this stuff is AMAZING. I use it for dishes, counters, grease on chef jackets… just, listen, they literally use it to clean off dying oil-covered wildlife. I’m going to stick with the No-longer-covered-in-oil-slick-ducks on this one.


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: A few months back I went insane and bought a 100-pack of Melamine Foam on Amazon for $10. That’s what the internet said Mr. Clean Erasers were made from, so it’ll work the exact same. WRONG. LIES. FAIL. They disintegrated within seconds of putting any pressure whatsoever. Don’t fuck with these– just trust the bald guy. Anyone who can rock a solid gold hoop earring on only one earlobe is my kind of man.


-Glad Trashbags: Once I was with someone who told me that I could compare the thickness of trashbags in the store (did you know they put the thickness right on the boxes?) and that generics are “just as thick so they work the same” THIS IS BULLSHIT AND THEY WERE WRONG. Glad trashbags OWN– and, in particular, the stretchy ones. Don’t screw with this. You do not want to be halfway to the trashcan outside and have your bag rip open and spill dirty diapers and shit-filled cat litter all over your floor and shoe-less feet (I may, or may not, speak from experience).


Ziplock Sandwich Baggies (or any baggy): I don’t even need to explain this. Generic sandwich baggies are bullshit– they are thin and the zippers are SHIT. Just don’t bother.




There you go. My useless thought today. I hope it helps you the next time you shop. Hey, by the way, there’s a coupon for Dawn in the circular today!

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